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Internet Gadget Archive Best site on the 'net for pictures and stories of Gadget Hackwrench! : )

FurBid  The ultimate auction house for furry comics, art, and other items.

PeterCat's Furry FAQ's Just the FAQ's, ma'am

FurDir A furry white pages.
Internet Furry Proximity Locator Locates other nearby furs.

Flayrah (a great site for furry-related news)


Comic Strips

The list of furry comic strips out there is just too long to list here.   Besides, someone has already done this!
The Belfry Comics Index

Here are some that I highly recommend:
Alice Otter
Buster Wilde
Cigarro & Cerveja
Dela the Hooda

A Doemain of Our Own
Dust Bunnies (adults only)
House of LSD (adults only)
Jack (some adult material)
Kevin & Kell
Kit 'n Kay Boodle (adults only)
Leisure Town

Mother Goose and Grimm
Sabrina Online
Sherman's Lagoon
SpaceMoose Online
The Suburban Jungle
Supermegatopia (some adult material)
Surf Rat & Spencer
West Corner of the Park

Archives & Galleries

The Velan Central Library The Biggest and The Best!
The Orlando Furry Archive A smaller site, but nice.
Yerf Art Gallery Non-erotic material only. No nudity, strict image guidelines. (Formerly SCFA)
Side7  Non-erotic material only, tasteful nudity allowed.  Less strict than Yerf.
The Yiffnet Attic  An archive intended for artists to get helpful criticism of their work

Fur Central Annex A small archive site, but with plenty of room for growth. 


Comic Books

See Captain Packrat's Furry Comic Book Publishers List



Mia's Collection of Furry Stories The most complete furry story list on the 'net.
Furry Pleasures Furry stories of an erotic nature.


Mice and Rats : )

Rat Site
Rat And Mouse Club
Rodent Zone
The Strange Mouse


Usenet Groups

alt.arts.anthro  General furry art discussion Furry pictures and drawings Adults-only furry pictures and drawings
alt.culture.anthropomorphics Discussion of furry culture. General furry discussion, minus the flames. MUD/MUCK related discussion, with extra flames!
alt.furry An obsolete group, replaced by Still exists on some servers.
alt.horror.werewolves Don't let the name fool you. There's no "horror" involved, and any were-creatures are welcome, not just wolves. Discussion of the furry lifestyle. Adults-only furry discussion (Unfortunately, also heavily Spammed)
alt.yiff.tank.vixens Discussion of the comic book Tank Vixens German language version of

fur.announce Furry announcements
fur.answers Furry related questions Artwork containing non-erotic adult themes (i.e., violence or strong language).

fur.artwork.artists Information about furry artists
fur.artwork.discuss Disccusion of furry artwork
fur.artwork.erotica Erotic furry artwork
fur.artwork.misc Non-erotic furry artwork
fur.config Furnet configuration info
fur.control (For internal system.messages, not normally used)
fur.comics Discussion of furry comic books and fanzines.
fur.conventions Information about furry conventions Discussion of the furry lifestyle
fur.misc General furry discussion
fur.mucks MUD/MUCK related discussion
fur.stories.discuss Discussion of furry stories
fur.stories.erotica Erotic furry stories
fur.stories.misc Non-erotic furry stories
fur.stories.storyboard Information about writing furry stories.
fur.stories.writers Information about furry writers
fur.test Please post all test messages here.
fur.toons Discussion of cartoons and animation.
(note: you must put the word fur in the Distribution: or Subject: line of all messages posted to the fur.* groups, or the messages will be canceled. Also, messages cross-posted to more than 3 groups, cross-posted outside the furry groups, or cross-posted between erotica and non-erotica groups will be canceled as well.)

purrsia.yerf Discussion of items related to the Yerf archive.
purrsia.yerf.yap General furry discussion.
(note: these two groups are carried ONLY on a single server,



See the Furry Conventions page!


Furry Servers

Foxes' Underground Revolution

Furry Music?

Sphere of the Electric Keet
Furry Music Foundation


If you have a site that you would like listed here, or if your site is here and you don't want it listed, or for other comments, problems, or suggestions, E-Mail me.

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