How to Contact Captain Packrat

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E-Mail: If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., send E-mail.

NOTEPlease only send TEXT e-mails!  HTML messages may be deleted without being read (any message that does not auto-preview in Outlook will be deleted automatically!)

MUCKS: If you are on FurryMUCK you can send page #mail to Captain.
Snail-mail: If you would prefer to correspond by snail-mail, you can send your letters to Captain Packrat, P.O. Box 391393, Omaha, NE  68139, USA
ICQ: If you have ICQ, my home UIN is 2807932, my laptop UIN is 40147048,and my PDA UIN is 237609485.
MSN Messenger: If you have MSN, I can be reached by clicking Add, then selecting 'By e-mail address or sign-in name', and entering ''
AOL Instant Messenger: If you have AIM, I can be reached using 'captpackrat'
Yahoo! Instant Messenger: If you have YIM, I can be reached using 'captpackrat'.  Please note that of all the major instant messaging services, YIM seems to be the least reliable.
Jabber: If you have Jabber, I can be reached using ''
Google Talk: If you use Google Talk, I can be reached at
Sending Files: If you wish to send me a file that is less than 500K, then go ahead and e-mail it. If it is greater than 500K, or if there are multiple files, please let me know before you send it, or use an IM to transfer it.  Don't bother trying to send executables, they'll be deleted immediately.

The above picture of Captain Packrat was drawn by Joe Ekaitis