Captain Packrat's Plushies!

At one time I had a small collection of plushies, but during a recent move, all but two of them where lost. : ( I have recently started on rebuilding my collection, and now have far more then I ever had before. Here is a description of the plushies that I used to have, and pictures of the one I have now. Family Picture #1 Family Picture #2

Plushies I have now (arranged more or less by age):

  1. "Teddie Bear". This was my very first plushie; given to me when I was born. I still have him, and he is still in very good condition. He is a panda/teddy bear, about 16 inches long. He is all white, except for his ears, arms, and the bottom of his feet. When I was about 2 years old, I named him "Teddie Bear" (cute, huh?). When I was 8, I swiped one of my baby half-sister's T-shirts and dressed him in it, and he's been wearing that T-shirt ever since. Picture #1 (with his "nightshirt") Picture #2 (without his shirt).
  2. "Shammu". A very large killer whale. I was given this plushie when I was about 6. He was all black, with a white belly, and white "eye" spots. He was about 2 feet long, and 2-1/2 feet around. When I first got him, he was nearly as big as me! I recently found him, sitting high on a shelf in my garage. Picture #1
  3. "Clipper" A small blue "clip-on" rabbit. I was given this plushie when I was about 8. I apparently lost him, and just recently my grandfather found him in an old storage shed. He was terribly dirty, and in pretty bad shape, but with a little cleaning he looks a bit better. He has a spring-clip built in so he can hold on to things. Picture #1
  4. "Fiep". A small (4-1/2 inch) white mouse, made by Steiff. "Fiep" is the German equivalent of "squeak" He was awfully expensive ($36) for such a small plushie. Picture #1.
  5. "Mouse". (That's her name, "Mouse"). A 1 foot tall white mouse, with plaid inner ears, and a plaid bow. Her fur is very soft and very long and she is very snuggleable. Picture #1. Picture #2 (with Fiep). Picture #3 (with Fiep).
  6. "Galadriel". A cute gray furred mouse about 12 inches tall, with a ribbon around her neck. Her fur is not a soft as Mouse's, but she is still cuddly. (Her name, by the way, is from a character in some of my drawings) Picture #1. Picture #2 (reading one of my favorite books). Picture #3 (wearing my glasses). Picture #4
  7. "Ratzo". A white rat puppet, about 6 inches high. Picture #1. Picture #2. Picture #3
  8. "Momma Mouse". A 12 inch tall, brownish gray mouse with pink paws and pink inner ears. She wears a black ribbon around her neck. Picture #1. Picture #2 (with Baby Mouse).
  9. "Baby Mouse". A small 3 inch tall mouse. She came with Momma Mouse above, and looks exactly like her, except that the small mouse is also wearing a nightcap. Picture #1.
  10. "White" Galadriel's sister, she looks exactly like her, except White's fur is, well, white. Picture #1.
  11. "Shorty" A short (9 inch) gray-furred mouse. He wears a red ribbon about his neck. Picture #1.
  12. "Kay" A short (9 inch) gray-furred mouse, wearing a dress and a hat. I named her Kay because I bought her at K-Mart. Picture #1.
  13. "Flower" A cute little skunk, about 11 inches high, with a fluffy tail. He is the first non-mouse plushie that I've bought. Picture #1. Picture #2.
  14. "Juniper" A European brown hare, about 9 inches high and about 12 inches long. She has rather coarse fur. Picture #1.
  15. "Meeko" Everyone knows who Meeko is. (If you don't, Meeko was the raccoon in the movie Pocahontas.) Meeko is about 36 inches long, and a bit heavier than most plushies. My Meeko is most definitely female. Her fur is very soft, and she is perfect for cuddling. She is one of the most popular plushies available. Picture #1. Picture #2. Picture #3.
  16. "Hopper" A 3-1/2 inch brownish kangaroo mouse, with a mechanical device inside that makes him jump around when wound up. He was a recent gift from my grandmother. Picture #1. Picture #2.
  17. "Chris" A large (18 inch!) gray and white mouse, wearing a red bow and a red hat with a piece of holly in it. Her fur is very soft, but her stuffing is a bit on the hard side. She does have really cute ears, though. Picture #1.
  18. "Skiunk" A 12 inch black skunk with a white stripe. Not as cute as Flower, but with softer fur. (Her name comes from the sales tag, which had "skiunk" instead of "skunk".) Picture #1. Picture #2.
  19. "Toby" A 12 inch light gray rabbit with a white belly. She has large, dark eyes, and a white puff-ball tail. She is extremely cute. I found her completely by accident, at a candy shop that was going out of business, in a mall way out of my way. Picture #1. Picture #2. Picture #3 (close-up)
  20. "George" A very large (22 inch) mouse with grayish-brown fur. He has a pink ribbon around his neck. I got his name from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. (the one with the Abominable Snowman. "And I will hug him and squeeze him and I will call him George....") Picture #1
  21. "Little Lola Bunny" The smaller Lola, sold at McDonalds for $2.99. She is my cheapest plushie. Her face is only semi-cute. Picture #1.
  22. "Putsi" A 14 inch white and chocolate brown Steiff bunny. She is my most expensive plushie, at $190!!! (no, that's not a typo), but she is so soft and so lovable, I think she was worth every penny. She looks very realistic; in fact, while carrying her through the mall, I had several people tell me they thought she was real. Her fur is incredibly soft, as soft as a real rabbit's fur. Putsi is my favorite plushie, and she's the one I'm most likely to be seen with at a con.   :-)   Picture #1, Picture #2, Picture #3 (with Toby) Picture #4 (with Mümmel)
  23. "Merry Chrismouse" A small (4 inch) white mouse with a red ribbon around his neck, and a red and white striped nightcap. His arms and legs are jointed. Picture #1 Picture #2
  24. "Mümmel" A 14 inch brown Steiff hare. He was also very expensive, at $175. He is even more realistic than Putsi! His fur is not quite as soft as Putsi's, but he's still very soft. Picture #1 Picture #2
  25. "Souris" An 14 inch mouse made by Nounours. Her fur is gray, with a white belly, face, and inner ears. Her fur is very long, as much as 2 inches! Picture #1
  26. "Corky" An 8 inch grayish-brown mouse, made by Douglas. Picture #1
  27. "Cousin" A 5 inch dark brown mouse, made by Kosen. His paws are made of Velcro, so I can open them, or press them together. Picture #1
  28. "Peter Rabbit" An 8 inch brown and white bunny wearing a blue jacket. He was made by Eden. Picture #1
  29. "Pieps" A 10 inch white Steiff mouse with a big black nose and a blue ribbon. I didn't know it when I bought him, but he has a little squeaker inside, so when you squeeze him, he lets out a little squeak! : ) Picture #1
  30. "Topsi" A 10 inch white Steiff rabbit with a pink bow, and the most incredible blue eyes. She was $100. Picture #1 Picture #2
  31. "Cinnamon" An 18 inch brown mouse that I found at Wal-Mart. She was only $10. I had the hardest time trying to name her, until I walked into my room one night and heard the song "Cinnamon" on the radio, and it just struck me as the perfect name. Picture #1
  32. "Mortimer" An 8 inch beanbag mouse. He is laying on his stomach, and has gray fur with a white belly, snout, and inner ears. Picture #1 Picture #2
  33. "Squeeky" A 9 inch beanbag mouse. He look similar to Mortimer, however he is in a seated position, and has pink inner ears. Picture #1
  34. "Wright Underfoot"
  35. "Lefty Underfoot" A pair of mouse slippers that I found at a store called Animal Kingdom. Picture #1 Picture #2
  36. "Chedda" A 6 inch white mouse with moveable limbs and head. She has a pink ribbon around her neck. Picture #1
  37. "Roq" A 5 inch brownish-gray mouse with moveable limbs and head. He has a pink bow around his neck, and his head is pointed upwards (in what appears to be a rather uncomfortable position) Picture #1
  38. "Brie" A 6 inch gray mouse with moveable limbs and head. His paws and tail are white. Picture #1
  39. "Tails" A 9 inch Folktails gray mouse puppet. I can just barely fit my hand inside. He has a very long tail. Picture #1 Picture #2
  40. "Grey" A 8 inch Kosen bunny. Her fur is a most unusual color; it's gray underneath and white on the outside. Picture #1 Picture #2
  41. "Claire" A grayish-brown mouse backpack! She's a bit too small for me though. : ( I named her after the store where I found her. Picture #1
  42. "Drummer" An 8 inch gray Douglas mouse. His fur is somewhat coarse.
  43. "Peter, the Peppermint Mouse" A white 10 inch tall mouse with a gray snout, inner ears, and paws. He was given to me by Ron Orr. Picture #1
  44. "Huggy Mouse"
  45. "Baby Huggy Mouse" A pair of gray mice. The larger mouse (9 inches tall) is hugging the baby mouse (4 inches tall), however the two can be separated. They were given to me by Ron Orr. Picture #1 Picture #2
  46. "Ratty" An 11 inch gray rat puppet made by Folkmanis. I can fit my hand into her a little easier than I can Tails, but it's still a tight fit. Picture #1 Picture #2
  47. "Mr. Mouse" An 8 inch gray mouse with a plaid ribbon around his neck. Picture #1 Picture #2
  48. "Kody Koala" A large (18 inch) gray koala with white fur on her belly and inner ears. Her fur is very long and very soft. Picture #1
  49. "Starlight" A 12 inch white unicorn made by Gund. Picture #1 Picture #2
  50. "Feta" A 5 inch grayish-brown mouse with moveable limbs and head, very similar to Roq, however, Feta has white paws, and does not have a ribbon. Picture #1
  51. "Kagemousa" A large 22 inch gray samurai mouse with poseable limbs. He is one of the most exquisite plushies I've ever seen. His clothing is made of silk, and he carries a miniature katana (the sword can be removed from its scabbard, and it is actually sharp!) He was handmade by Stuffe & Nonsense. Picture #1 Picture #2
  52. "Mrs. Brisby" An 8 inch brown mouse wearing a 'tattered' red shawl. She was originally made in 1982, when the movie The Secret of NIMH came out. I was lucky enough to find her at ConFurence 8. Her nose is a little crooked, but she's really cute otherwise. Picture #1 Picture #2
  53. "Sweet Tooth" A large 20 inch white mouse with a red ribbon around her neck and a red and white all-day sucker in her left paw. Picture #1
  54. "Freeway Bunny" A 14 inch long brown bunny. She's rather floppy, and very soft. She is wearing a ribbon with flowers and rabbits on it. She was made by Gund. Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3
  55. "Gigglin' Meeko" A 12 inch tall raccoon, with a mechanical giggle box inside that giggles when you hug him. Picture #1 Picture #2
  56. "Musical Mouse" A 9 inch tall white mouse. She has an built-in electronic music box that plays It's a Small World when you press her paw. Picture #1 Picture #2
  57. "Misty" A 12 inch tall brown mouse with a plaid ribbon around her neck. Picture #1
  58. "Edgar" A 10 inch tall brown beaver (Edgar Beaver?). I found him at a pet store. However, from the looks of him, he was not designed as a pet toy. He is a lot more delicate and has softer fur than most plush pet toys. Picture #1 Picture #2
  59. "Carrot Toes" A 12 inch tall white rabbit, with very long ears. She has carrots on the bottom of her feet. Picture #1 Picture #2
  60. "Clover". An 8 inch tall tan furred rabbit, wearing a light blue bow with little white flowers on it. Picture #1
  61. "Fluffy" A 32 inch tall gray rabbit. She is wearing a green ribbon with white polka-dots. Her fur is very soft and very fluffy. I bought her at Costco for only $10! Picture #1
  62. "Brighteyes" A 10 inch tall light-brown and white furred bunny. She has pink eyes, and a pink bow. (I got the name from the song in the movie Watership Down.) Picture #1
  63. "Cowslip" A 12 inch tall gray bunny, wearing a blue ribbon around her neck. Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3
  64. "Hazel" A 14 inch tall light brown bunny with white tummy fur. She wears a pink floral bow. Picture #1 Picture #2
  65. "Nutsy" An 8 inch tall gray squirrel. Picture #1 Picture #2
  66. "Bigwig" A 12 inch white rabbit. He has a rather tough looking expression on his face, so I named him after one of the rabbits in the novel Watership Down. Picture coming soon.
  67. "Fiver" A 10 inch long brown and white rabbit. She is rather small, and looks somewhat frightened, so I named her after the skittish rabbit in the novel Watership Down. Picture #1 Picture #2
  68. "Athena" A 9 inch tall white pegasus. She has shiny, pearlescent wings, and two ribbons around her neck, one green and one purple. Where the two ribbons are tied in a bow, she has a small pink rose. Picture #1 Picture #2
  69. "Bandit" A 9 inch tall white raccoon. Picture #1 Picture #2
  70. "Crackers" A 6 inch tall gray mouse. She has a small device in her tummy that chitters when you press it. Picture #1
  71. "Sheila" A 30 inch long brown horse. She is in a lying position, and has a leather bridle. I found her at Toy Liquidators for only $30. Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3 Picture #4
  72. "Grandfather Mouse" An 8 inch tall Folktales mouse puppet. He's a bit too small for my hands. Picture #1 Picture #2
  73. "Sleepy" An 18 inch long gray rabbit puppet. Picture #1 Picture #2
  74. "Judy" A 7 inch tall gray mouse. She is hugging Johnny.
  75. "Johnny" A 4 inch tall gray mouse. He is being hugged by Judy. Picture #1 Picture #2
  76. "Cuddles" A 14 inch tall teddy bear. Picture coming soon.
  77. "Mimi" A 7 inch tall gray "beanbag" mouse. Picture coming soon.
  78. "Floppy" A 12 inch tall gray mouse. I found her at Wal-Mart. Picture coming soon.
  79. "Sneeky" A 9 inch tall white mouse puppet. She has a little hidden compartment in her head. Picture coming soon.
  80. "Prismo" A 14 inch tall gray koala. His fur is very soft. I named him after a koala friend on FurryMUCK. Picture coming soon.
  81. "Thumper" A 9 inch tall gray rabbit. I found her at the Disney store. (I know the character is supposed to be male, but this particular plush looks rather female. Picture coming soon.
  82. "Butterscotch" An 18 inch long brown rabbit. She looks a lot like Freeway Bunny, but with a white tummy, and longer, softer fur. Picture coming soon.
  83. "Lapin" A 12 inch tall white rabbit with mottled black spots. She was made by Aux Nations, and was originally $70. I got her for $35 because she was a bit dirty (but with a little Bubble Gund, she was a good as new) Picture coming soon.
  84. "Ugly" A hideous brownish rabbit. My grandmother gave him to me for Easter. He is really rather ugly, hence his name. : \ Picture coming soon.
  85. "Mutton" a 14 inch long yellowish sheep. She has a bell around her neck. Picture coming soon.
  86. "Bertha" A HUGE gray rabbit. She's the largest plushie I have, at 24 inches tall, and 36 inches around. I bought her at a local grocery store for $20 (on sale after Easter) Picture coming soon.
  87. "Hugs Bunny" A 24 inch tall brown bunny. I got her at Kay-Bee, for only $5! (Another post-Easter sale) Picture coming soon.
  88. "Chipper" A 10 inch tall brown chipmunk puppet, made by Cascade. She's the first puppet that I've been able to put my hand in with absolutely no trouble. Picture coming soon.
  89. "Acorn" An 11 inch tall gray squirrel, made by Fiesta. Picture coming soon.
  90. "Lola Bunny" The large Lola, at about 24 inches tall! I found her at a Toy Liquidators for 1/2 off. Her arms and leg are poseable, and her clothing is removable.  Picture coming soon.
  91. "Rocky" A 12 inch tall gray raccoon with a brown mask. Picture coming soon.
  92. "Kanga" A 16 inch tall brown kangaroo. She has a small pouch with a joey in it (Roo). Picture coming soon.
  93. "Roo" A 5 inch tall brown joey. He came with Kanga. Picture coming soon.
  94. "Cindy" A 12 inch tall Teddy Precious teddy bear wearing a cheerleader outfit. Picture coming soon.
  95. "Camembert" An 8 inch tall gray mouse with poseable arms and legs. He is essentially a larger version of Brie. Picture coming soon.
  96. "Boomer" A 3 inch tall beanbag mouse. Unlike most beanbag critters, Boomer has actual plush fur. Picture coming soon.
  97. "Foxie" An 8 inch long reddish brown fox. She's made by Fiesta, and has a small bean bag in her belly, but she's not exclusively bean filled. Picture coming soon.
  98. "Lucky" A 3 inch tall white beanbag bunny. Made by the same company as Boomer. Picture coming soon.
  99. "Limburger" A 7 inch long beanbag rat. She's stuffed with both polyfill and beans. Picture coming soon.
  100. "Chocolate" A 7 inch long Beanie Baby moose. He was sent to me by my good friend Bigears. Picture coming soon.
  101. "Velvet" A 7 inch long Beanie Baby jaguar. She was sent to me by Bigears. Picture coming soon.
  102. "Winston" A 14 inch long Shar Pei. He also was sent to me by Bigears. Picture coming soon.
  103. "Molly" A 5 inch tall white mouse. She's very small, and designed to fit into your pocket. :) Picture coming soon.
  104. "Rose" A 6 inch tall gray beanbag mouse. Picture coming soon.
  105. "Fievel" A 20 inch tall (not including his hat) mouse. It's the same Fievel from An American Tail. He's got a large blue hat that is removable. Picture coming soon.
  106. "Keyes" A 5 inch long gray beanbag mouse, with a key ring sewn into her back.
  107. "Jay" A 5 inch tall gray mouse. She's intended to fit in one's pocket, just like Molly. :) Her name comes from her tag: Made by JS Toys.
  108. "Candy" A 6 inch long gray beanbag mouse.  She came attached to a clear plastic tube filled with candy.
  109. "Murphy"  A 5 inch long gray Candy Babies mouse.  He has a Velcro sealed pouch on his tummy, and was originally filled with candy.
  110. "Dale"  A 12 inch gray donkey.  I found her in the Tri City Hospital gift shop while my grandfather was recuperating from surgery. She was so cute, I just had to get her.  :-) 
  111. "Bows"  A 10 inch long white rabbit, sort-of bowing.  She has a small beanbag in her lower half, but the rest of her is normal polyfill.
  112. "Wally" A 9 inch tall while mouse.  I found him at Wal-Mart, hence his name.
  113. "Holiday Merry", a 12 inch long gray beanbag mouse, in a flopped over position, and wearing a red and green holiday bow.
  114. "Rabbit"  Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh!  A HUGE (24 inch tall!) yellow and white rabbit.
  115. "Momma Lion"
  116. "Baby Lion"  A 10 inch tall momma lion, carrying a 4 inch baby lion in her mouth.  A gift from my good friend Prismo.
  117. "Berry"  A 9 inch tall gray mouse, holding a small bunch of berries.
  118. "Floppy Pony"  A 20 inch long white horse, with very soft fur, and floppy legs.  She's wearing a blue and silver bridle, and a blue and white saddle with silver trim, both of which are permanently attached.
  119. "Giant Thumper"  A HUGE (3 feet long!) Disney plush rabbit!  She's bigger than Meeko!  Very soft and cuddly, but a bit too warm for snuggling on hot summer nights.  But on a cold winter morning, she sure beats a blanket!
  120. "Raton" A 4 inch tall mouse given to me by an intern when I worked at Computer Renaissance.
  121. "Buttons"  A 10 inch long brown rabbit, and Bows' sister.
  122. "Ball Bait"  Ack!  A Furby!  I've never been able to figure out what it calls itself, but it sound like "Ball Bait"  I seem to have gotten one of the Couch Potato Furbies, as this one only wants to sleep and eat.  o_O
  123. "Tiptoe"  Ack again!  A Beanie Baby!  The first Beanie Baby I ever bought for myself.  It's a small brown mouse.  I keep him on the dashboard of my car.
  124. "Richard Gere"  A 3-inch long "nervous hamster".  When you pull the cord, it begins vibrating.  O_o
  125. "Munchie Crunchie"  What a name.  An 8 inch tall white mouse, wearing a green bow, and nibbling on a candy cane.  I bought this one at the Wild Animal Park.
  126. "Spice" A tan and brown rabbit, about 9 inches long.  I found her at FAO Schwartz.
  127. "Larry"
  128. "Moe"
  129. "Curly"  Three little white mice in a gift box, a Folkmanis puppet.  You put one finger in each mouse.  Very cute.
  130. "Rudolph"  A 14" reindeer whose nose lights up and plays music when you press a hidden button.
  131. "Stewart Little"  A 5 inch tall white mouse, from the movie of the same name.  Press his tummy, and he talks!
  132. "Trap"  A tiny (3 inch) yellow mouse from Jack-In-The-Box
  133. "Benny"  A rabbit hand puppet, wearing an aviator's jacket, helmet, and goggles.  Too small for my large hands.  :-(  Benny sits above my cubicle at work, and has gotten quite a few comments from coworkers.
  134. "Steamroller"  A large but rather flat bunny from Costco.  Very soft fur, but he's extremely flat.
  135. "BlooBunny"  A small, funny looking blue bunny that came with a bunny coffee cup.
  136. "Goffa"  A brown and pink bunny that I found at an Albertson's grocery store.  Her name comes from the company that made her, Goffa International.
  137. "Mama Jasmine"  A long, brown floppy bunny, made by MJC.  I found her at ConFurence 11 (I was fortunate, as a Dealer, I could buy things from other Dealers long before the room was open to regular attendees, giving me first pic of all the plushies!).  Cuddly, cute, and very soft!
  138. "Old Macgruder"  A long brown bunny with a very large rump!   I also found him at ConFurence 11.  I think he looks a lot like Sleepy, but he's not a puppet.
  139. "Jolly Hase"  An 18" tall gray and white Steiff bunny puppet!  Wonderfully soft fur, and lovely detail on the face.  I found him at ConFurence 11 as well.   He makes my 6th Steiff!
  140. "Four-eyes"  A 12" tall gray and white mouse, with glasses!  Cute!  He has a little heart and a "Plush Factory" button on his rump too.  :-)
  141. "Robbie"  A large, 18" grayish-brown rabbit with a pink bow!  Very soft fur.  :-)
  142. "Sammy"
  143. "Scotty"
  144. "Carrot"  Three small (7") bunnies, in blue, brown, and light tan.  They're very similar, brothers I guess, and quite cute together.
  145. "Sprinkles"  A 10" gray mouse wearing a bib with a picture of some cheese on it.  His fur is most unusual, quite soft, but kind of curly.
  146. "Momma Bunny"
  147. "Baby Bunny"
  148. "Baby Bunny #2"  A set of bunnies!  The momma bunny is 10" tall, and is actually a very small puppet (WAY too small for my huge hands).  The two baby bunnies are each about 3 inches long.  All three came in a plush tree stump, and look VERY cute with their heads sticking out of it.  :-)
  149. "Eldorado"  Nothing at all to do with the animated movie, or the City of Gold, even.  Rather, I was listening to ELO's Eldorado album while trying to come up with a name for this 10" tall gray bunny.
  150. "Ciento Cincuenta"  Real original name, 150 in Spanish.  :-)  She's a 12" tall white rabbit with a yellow bow, and a strange little "Plush Factory" button on her rump.  o_O
  151. "Scooby Doo"  A small 8" Scooby Doo plush.  At ComicCon International: San Diego, someone was handing out Corn Nuts keychains with a tag that read "Official Snack of a Weird, Weird World"  I attached the tag to Scooby's collar.  :-)
  152. "Herobear"  Yes, it's an official Herobear beanie from the comic book Herobear and the Kid.  He's about 5 inches tall, with a long red cape.
  153. "Punk the Skunk"  A 9 inch long black & white skunk I found at Vons.  He's got a small talk-box inside him.
  154. "Bun Gnawood"  A 9 inch long brown beaver I also found at Vons.  Like Punk, he's got a talk-box inside.
  155. "Extra Large Hippie"  Who comes up with these names?  It's a tie-dyed Ty bunny, about 30 inches tall, with super soft rainbow colored fur!
  156. "Snuggly Bunny"  Just a cuddly little brownish-grey 18 inch tall snuggle bunny with a peach-colored bow.  :-)
  157. "Dust Bunny"  A small pink bean-filled rabbit, with a chamois belly.  He's a 'Screenie Beanie", a plush with a chamois belly for cleaning a computer monitor.
  158. "Zodiac Rat"  Yikes!  I bought a Ty Beanie Baby!  *grin*  And immediately cut off the tags!  *gasp!*  This plushie is one of the Zodiac series, commemorating the Year of the Rat!  He's sorta splotchy purple?  With shiny ears and sparkly green eyes.  Zodiac Rat is by no means the most bizarre design in the series, someone must have been smoking something when he designed them....

 Arraigned by species:

Mice and rats: 71
Rabbits and hares: 50
Equines: 5
Raccoons: 4
Bears: 4
Felines: 3
Skunks: 3
Squirrels: 2
Koalas: 2
Kangaroos: 2
Canines: 2
Beavers: 2
Chipmunks: 1
Sheep: 1
Whales: 1
Foxes: 1
Moose: 1
Deer: 1
Hamsters: 1
Misc: 1

Plushies I have lost:

  1. Small dolphin. He was about 6 inches long and solid gray. I was given this plushie at about the same time as I received Shammu.
  2. Green and yellow snake. I made him in my junior high home-ec. class. He was about 6 feet long, and had a rattle in his tail.
  3. Baby snake. I also made this plushie. He was a matched set with the above snake. The baby snake was about 1-1/2 feet long, and did not have a rattle.
  4. Lion. He had a long mane that had a habit of getting frizzy. He was given to me when I was about 9.
  5. Popple. The first plushie that I bought for myself. She was white, and had a colorful puff-ball tail. I put a small gold ring around her left ear. I bought her from my half-sister when I was about 13.


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