Information about Captain Packrat

Geez, this pic is old!

Captain Troy D. Packrat

Birthday: September 3, 1973
Astrology info:  Virgo (Western), Water Ox (Chinese), Harvest Moon (Native American)
Birthplace: Oceanside, California
Current residence: Vista, California
Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 6 foot, 285 pounds
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Varies, blue through gray
Totem animals: House Mouse, Pack Rat, Grasshopper Mouse, Beaver, Rabbit, Horse, Skunk
Interests: Anthropomorphics, computers/Internet/technology, plushies, art, music, aviation, books, Egyptology, mythology, WWII military strategy, herbal medicine, numismatics, photography
Personality: Quiet, introspective, intelligent, helpful

Current employment: IT Manager, Χnerg
Former employment: IT Consultant, Information Systems Analyst, Engineering Technician, Lead Tech, Computer Store Manager, Charter Pilot

Initial introduction to the "Furry Fandom": Genus #7, in June 1995
Number of conventions attended: 35 so far

First computer: Non-Linear Systems Kaypro 10, 1982
First time online: *Prodigy, 1991
Certifications: A+, MCP, Network+, i-Net+

Current favorite video games:  Animal Crossing: Wild World

Current plushie count: at least 200
Favorite plushie: Putsi, a Steiff rabbit

Favorite aircraft flown: Cessna 337 Super Skymaster
Largest aircraft flown:  Douglas Super DC-3
Favorite aircraft (any): Dornier 335 "Pfiel" (Arrow)

Favorite book:  The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien (really!)
Favorite album:  Time, Electric Light Orchestra
Favorite song:  Toccata & Fugue in D-minor, J.S. Bach
Favorite movie:  The Last Unicorn
Favorite TV series:  The Simpsons (woohoo!)
Favorite food:  Beef Stroganoff

Favorite charities:  San Diego Zoological Society, Yosemite Fund, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Current number of comic books: 2421 as of Dec 24, 2005
Favorite comic book:  Saiko & Lavender
Favorite comic strip:  VG Cats


Troy Packrat's Journal


Captain Packrat

Species: Pack rat/mouse
Sex: Male
Age: Approx 25
Height/Weight: 6 foot (not including tail), 250 pounds
Fur color: Sand
Eye color: blue

Personality: Quiet, intelligent, helpful, sometimes silly/toony

Captain Packrat made his first appearance in a fantasy story written for a high school English class, in which the author was magically transformed into a mouse.


Pictures of Captain Packrat


(The above photograph of Troy was taken at ComicCon International: San Diego, 1996.)
(The above drawing of Captain Packrat was drawn by Tygger, and colored by Captain Packrat.)

Captain Packrat is and ™  Captain Packrat