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Web rings are a novel way to visit a multitude of pages on the same subject, just by visiting one page, and then moving onto the "next" page via a link.. They are laid out in a "ring"-like format, so that by traveling through all the pages, eventually you will arrive back at the first page you visited.

The FurRing, created in August, 1996 is made up of homepages relating to Anthropomorphic ("furry") art, fandom and lifestyle. For more general information on what "Furry" is all about, visit Captain Packrat's Fur Central.

As of September 13, 1999, administration of the FurRing passed to Captain Packrat.

Joining the FurRing!

NOTE! Many people have been attempting to join the ring without following all of the steps below. You cannot just add yourself to the ring, without having the appropriate HTML code. PLEASE follow the directions CLOSELY. You must have the HTML code on your page, BEFORE you can be added to the Ring.


Part the first:
If a page submitted to the queue does NOT have the required HTML code on the page, it will remain in the queue until the changes are made. (I WILL NOT SEND OUT ANY WARNINGS)  If, after a reasonable amount of time, the page STILL doesn't have the necessary HTML code, it will be removed from the queue.  People removed from the queue have the option to re-apply.  Please note that the page that is registered MUST be the page that contains the HTML code.  If the code is located anywhere else, the site will not be accepted.

Part the second:
There have been issues of copyright infringement occurring in the FurRing. Unfortunately, this is a sticky issue, and the policies are as follows: If I receive complaints about any sort of copyright infringement on a site on the ring, the site will be removed from the ring, and placed in the FurRing queue, pending investigation by the RingMaster, until the issue is resolved between both parties. The RingMaster does not want to get in the middle of said issues, so if it happens, the offended party should report it to the RingMaster so it can be removed from the queue. Then the offended party should make restitution him/herself with the offending party. When the matter is settled, the offended should email the ringmaster so that the page can be reinserted. I simply cannot allow the ring to be a home for such activities.

Here are the steps that need to be followed to join FurRing. Please follow them closely to preserve the integrity of the ring!
I have made every effort to type out the instructions step-by-step so that it will be easy to set up correctly. If you have any questions, please e-mail me!.



Important Notes!


Yahoo spun off the WebRing system into it's own separate entity again.  If you joined the WebRing before Yahoo owned it, or while Yahoo owned it, and did not migrate to the new WebRing system, you'll need to go to  to associate your site with your WebRing user ID.

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