A Warning About Bandwidth Theft


Operating this server costs me money.   I have to pay for the bandwidth that I have.   Some people link directly to images on this site without realizing that is stealing money out of my pocket.  In addition, everything on this site is copyrighted, which means it is illegal to use anything on this site without permission.   Using material without the permission of its creator is stealing all the hard work and effort they put into it.  Therefore, I am EXTREMELY aggressive in dealing with copyright and bandwidth thieves.   If I find someone has stolen something off my site, I will do one (or more) of the following:

1.  Notify the ISP of the abuser to have the offending page or user forcibly removed.

2.  Replace the image with highly offensive, hardcore pornography.

3.  In an extreme case, bill the offender for the stolen bandwidth or use of the copyright and if they fail to pay, send the bill to a collection agency, which means the offender will have a negative credit report, which means that they'll have trouble getting credit cards, renting an apartment, buying a house, and even getting a job.


And yes, I can be gleefully evil when it comes to pursuing thieves.

What you can do:

Link to any web page on the site.
Ask if you can use an image, and if the answer is yes, then upload a copy to your own web site.
Save images to your hard drive for your own personal use.
Print pages from this site for your own personal use.
Use a translation service (such as Babel Fish) to translate pages to another language for your own personal use.
E-mail a link to an image to a few people.


What you cannot do:

Link directly to an image on this site.
Copy an image to your own site without permission.
Alter any image without permission.
Distribute images from this site without permission.
Use the text or images from any page on this site in your own documents without permission.