Mostly empty right now, but I've got a handful of photos of myself and of the Rat's Nest.  I'll eventually get around to adding photos of the Ratmobile, and some of the nature photography that I have done.

Capybara (the main server)
(It's bigger than it looks)

My QMS Magicolor 6100DP
(a laser printer about the size of a washing machine)

The Incredible Wall Of Furry Art!
View #1
View #2

More of the Rat's Nest
(All this is directly over my bed....)

My cubicle at work
View #1
View #2

Weird stuff at work
(Yes, that's a Jar Jar Pez dispenser)

Captain Packrat at ConDor 2000

Snow in the Tejon Pass
A rare sight in Southern California


Camera Equipment:

Web camera:  3Com HomeConnect

Work camera: Sensormatic Ultra Dome

Film camera:  Ricoh KR-5

Digital camera:  Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart 215


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