Magnetic Poetry


I bought a Magnetic Poetry set a while back, and still have fun with it.  Here are some of the "gems" I've come up with, using just the basic set.  These are roughly in chronological order.  Some of them are silly, some are bawdy, and some are sad.  All are written with the limited vocabulary of a Magnetic Poetry set.


I dream of delicate mouse goddess
a vision of beauty


my car drives through the sky on the wind


I swim in flood of chocolate milk shake


you may think I am mad
but I am delirious


she worships man with purple hot pants


repulsive mother club me bare butt
I scream


she was one ugly puppy


we soar above the moon on sea of light


luscious pink boy sausage aches for raw girl peach
men like honey woman


sweet summer rain storm
a thousand diamonds of cool water


forest music of spring
true gift of love


friends part after road through time stops
sadness sings for eternity


and my best and most poetic effort so far:

cry for iron ship rusting under lake of blood
red power lust shadow will crush life
black rose never sees sun shine
winter whispers bitter death sleep
eternity sings symphony of the void




All poems here are (C) Troy D. Pack Rat.  Please don't copy them.  Why you'd want to copy them is beyond me.  But if you do get some weird urge to steal my efforts, please don't.  Or at least ask my permission first.  I don't want to have to send Guido after you.

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