Updated 10/13/07

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Hallelujah, my Hot Pockets are ready!


Skinny flavored drinks never really caught on.


So, increasing my phallus involves sewage and the Marines...


Sounds fishy to me
Fish contains fish?  Who knew?


This camera will self destruct in 5 seconds.


I need to shop at Omaha Steaks more often.


I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a cash advance today.


You'd think the lights and computer shutting off would clue you in.


Mount Saint Helens, Louisiana
First Katrina, now Mount St. Helens hits New Orleans?


Google's opinion on George Bush
Somehow this doesn't surprise me.


Why use a printer when you have a Bic!
For when you're so strapped for cash you can't afford a real sign.


Discount used toilet paper
Oooo... Kay...


Oh, by the way, we closed your account 5 months ago!
NOW they tell me....


Stick it to 'em, with stick ups!
All your heatsink are belong to us.


Oh noes!


Stealy Dan
Steel this switch


You have no rights!
You have no rights!


Obviously a Bush supporter....
Your government in action!


Rat pizza!
Because rats love cheese pizza.


Mmmmm   Flavored meat item!
Mmmm...   Flavored meat item for dinner!  My favorite!


It's hard to know when to stop typing when spelling "bananana"


Used Liquid Nitrogen
Used liquid nitrogen is much cheaper than new.


Microsquirrels can train you for an exciting new job as an Easter Bunny!
Obviously, the job of Easter Bunny does not pay well.


"I'm not authorized to answer your questions."
SkyNet is taking over!


Handyman Club of America
Made in Thailand
So much for American quality....


Cutting pennies into 1/100ths is REALLY hard....
I better get my 1/100th of a penny back!


Back to the Future!
The only way you can use this coupon is if you are going to see Back To The Future.


Thumper meets the Seven Dwarfs!
Some of those dwarves look like they have other things in store for Thumper....

And what's up with those two?


Yes, Chewing!
Yes, Chewing!


It's nice, Isn't it?
Watch Out!


May have a mild laxative effect
Ricola Breath Mints AND Laxative!


For women with vitamin E
If you are not a woman with vitamin E, do not use!


Contains:  One Razer.  Not intended for children.
But how else is a baby going to get his butt as smooth as a... well....


Where do you want to go today?
Where do you want to go today?


Foxes Creme Wafer Cookies
Trust me, you don't want to see the ingredients list....


Spanking! Size-Case
Um... Yeah.


Free Pony!
(Warning, large!)


Please make sure the size of your goods meets the intended use of this product.
No problem here!  ;-)


Read carefully before opening.
From the packaging for an X-Keys keyboard.


Spooge, the complete cleaning system!

The instructions read,
"Make 3 slow strokes down and back exiting the muzzle very slowly, so as not to splatter the Spooge™ out the muzzle."


Great sale price!
Wow!  That's a great sale price!


Missing Rain
They've been doing this for at least a decade.  Damn kerning!


That's no moon...  it's a space station!
In other words, the plumber is coming over.


Boxax, it's not just for drug use anymore!
One must wonder how this warning became necessary.


The Dungeon
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